Trailer Awareness

This course provides drivers (with little or no trailer pulling experience) the skills necessary to drive a vehicle while pulling a trailer. Drivers learn that the driving environment is constantly changing. Advancing technology in automobiles, increasing traffic density, and the methods used to control traffic all contribute to these changes. Techniques used to manage this change can have a significant impact on a driver’s chance of being involved in a crisis. Through the utilization of basic vision, space and communication skills, drivers learn how to effectively apply them to reduce the chances of being involved in a collision.

These exercises are performed in actual company vehicles and are designed to complement the knowledge of the drivers by providing them with actual hands-on practical experience. Each driver will have the opportunity to learn the manoeuvres demonstrated and providing them with the appropriate tools necessary to continue to practice their skills properly in their driving commitment. This short but powerful training experience will have a great and lasting impact on all participants.

Learning outcomes:

On-road portion: The 3 keys of professional driving

    • An interactive approach to understand the role that the brain plays by interpreting what we see, and how we decipher the information especially in the traffic environment.
    • Recognizing the five risk areas allows drivers to minimize the danger and thus avoid potential collisions
    • Driving is a shared experience with others and we must be able to communicate with our partners on the road in such a way as to assist them in making the right choices.

Parking lot portion: Reversing / Parking / Hooking & Unhooking

    • Pre-check and post-check
    • 90° reversing (blind side and sight side)
    • Hook and unhook
    • Loading and unloading
    • Load securement


  • Parking lot

Length of course:

  • 3 hours of trailer awareness techniques (parking lot)