Collision Avoidance

This half-day program concentrates on providing drivers with the skills necessary to minimize the risk of collisions and injuries if they lose control of their vehicle. This interactive course discusses personalities, behaviours and their relationship to how drivers conduct themselves while behind the wheel. Drivers will be asked to overcome "old" habits by making adjustments to their driving philosophy. In doing so, they are able to develop methods to reduce the risk of being involved in a crisis.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the decision making process and the consequences of their decisions
  • Identify current driving habits and correct where needed
  • Understanding the critical role vision plays in the operation of a motor vehicle especially in times of panic
  • Crash avoidance techniques and skid recovery skills
  • A better understanding of a vehicle’s braking system including anti-lock braking (ABS)
  • To gain a much better perspective of the complex tasks associated with driving
  • Understanding that driving requires 100% attention, 100% concentration 100% of the time.


  • Skid pad only

Length of course:

  • 4 hours collision avoidance techniques (skid pad)