Courses Offered

CSS offers the following courses

Beginners Drivers Education Course


CSS is a MTO-approved BDE course provider. Certified students may be eligible for:

  • The maximum possible insurance discount for approved driver training (check with your insurer);
  • A reduction in the G1 level waiting period (From 12 months down to 8 months)


The course consists of the following CPD-Jetela curriculum:

  • 20 hours of classroom instruction
  • 10½ hours of private customized in-car instruction
  • 10 hours of Home Link


The first in car lesson is usually booked by the office. Subsequent lessons normally scheduled directly with the in car instructor. The only prerequisite prior to scheduling an in car lesson is that the student must have a valid driving permit recognized in Ontario.


Students must complete all sessions successfully before they can be certified with the MTO-BDE system.

Special Condensed Courses


CSS offers condensed daytime courses where all classroom sessions (20 hours) are completed over 4 days. The classroom sessions in these courses are the same as the regular evening program. The student must still complete the minimum 10½ hours of in-car training and Home Link before being eligible to be certified.


These special courses are designed for students who have time off during specific times of the year (i.e. March Break, Summer Break, Christmas Break)


Please call the office at 416-485-4888 for more information on our next Condensed Course, check our calendar for dates, and enroll online.

Driver Improvement Course


This is a special course designed for:

  • Licensed drivers who wish to learn about and/or upgrade their defensive driving skills; or
  • Drivers who have had their license suspended and require a Ministry of Transportation approved course to upgrade their skills.


The course consists of the following:

  • Classroom instructions
  • In-car lesson (90 minutes)

First Level G1-Exit Preparation (City Road Test)


Students will be instructed in the areas of their strengths and weaknesses with the focus on how to fix their errors. Students can take further lessons with one of CSS Driver Training’s professional instructors.

Second Level G2-Exit Preparation (Highway Road Test)


CSS offers training designed for class G2 licensed drivers to prepare for their second level exit test (commonly referred to as a G or G2-exit test) in Ontario’s graduated licensing system. The initial lesson is intended as an evaluation lesson. Students will see the new standard that’s expected and adjustments will be made by the student by practicing on their own or with an instructor.


During the required 90 minutes in-car session, the instructor will take the student through a typical test, using a mock road test sheet, and clearly showing the student their level of performance in relation to the G2-exit test standards. Drivers who do not fully comprehend the new standards may opt to take additional instruction to fix the targeted areas.


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